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Avoid These Warehousing Mishaps

Have you ever seen the magnet that says, “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine?” Well, with warehousing, poor planning is one of the major mistakes made that results in major problems for workers and the place where they …

How to Begin Importing from China

China is the U.S.’s biggest trading partner and the largest exporter of goods internationally. Because of China’s ability to manufacture products on a large scale, importing from the country can present many opportunities. Not only is growth possible for a business, but reduced costs, large quantities of imports, and other benefits are also possible. While importing may seem attractive to first-time shippers, understanding what’s necessary is essential for the shipment’s success. This article will explain how to prepare the required documents and what to expect during your cargo’s shipping journey.

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DMT Transport is now hiring!!!

DMT Transport is now hiring!!! DMT is a flatbed carrier servicing the construction industry delivering steel beams, joists, girders, and…

5 Ways To Streamline Your Company’s Logistics

The business that involves moving products from one place to another need’s solid transportation management.  Our global market is in constant flux and so all logistical functions need to have plenty of vigilance. This has led to extreme complexity in managing, designing, and implementing logistical functions-related strategies.  Below are a few tips to streamline your …

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